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​Miniwrap 60

The Miniwrap 60 bale wrapper is the ideal solution where efficient handling of easy-to-handle 30 to 60 kilo round bales is required.

Miniwrap 60 is attractive for small-scale husbandry where the saily feed consumption is under 30 to 60 kilos and where outdoor storage may be desirable.

Computer-controlled wrapping from tractor enables continuously variable setting of wrap layers. Continuously variable adjustment of film pre-stretch from 40 – 60 %. Fully automated cutting of film and loading/unloading of found bales fully synchronized with Miniwrap 60.

Hydraulic drive of winder arm and rollers ensuring precise wrapping.


Pressing and wrapping in one cycle.

Easy handling of bales 30 to 60 kg.

Recommendable for small-scale animal husbandry.

No Storage place required - store outdoors.

Technical specification

Overall length with bales press

Overall width with bales press

​Overall height with bales press

Overall weight with bales press

Weight, film roll


Consumption of film

Rotation speed

Requirements of tractor

Power required

Hydraulic oil connection


3675 mm

1800 mm

1500 mm

840 kg

12 kg

30-50 bales/hour

36 bales/roll at 6 layers *)

50 rpm

Min. 40 HP

1DW./Min. 23 L/min

12v 8 amp

*) 360 mm / 1500 m /25mμ

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