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Wrap 5

The machine can wrap 5 big bales in each stack. The stack is then 5,8 meter wide and 3,9 meter tall.

The Wrap 5 wrapper is designed according to a new concept. The machine wraps a tube of foil in which the bales are positioned with a loading unit. A large stack can be wrapped with a light machine, easy to handle.

Wrap 5 is made primarily for wrapping of big straw bales, it can however also be used for wrapping all other types of rectangular bales and round bales size 1,25 m and 1,8 m.

When a stack is positioned on the machine, it can either be operated from the remote control in the cab of loading unit or a sensor activates the wrapper so that the next bales can be handled.

The machine is equipped with a hydraulic support so that it is easy to re-switch from working mode to transport mode.

During transport the machine can be lowered so that it is easy to get under the bridges.

Wrap 5 is transported sideways, which secures a small transport width.

Extra equipment: Bale grab and foil basket.

Wrap 5 advantages

  • Large capacity
  • Fixed foil
  • Minimal space for storage
  • Easy to remove the foil
  • Ventilation channels at the top

Technical specification:



Height during transport

Height with lift


​Tyre mounting

8340 mm

3000 mm

4200 mm

3900 mm

​Ruggerini 19HP

10.0/75 x 15,3/10​

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