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Safe Hoof Trimming

At POMI Industri ApS, our mission is to make everyday life easier for the individual farmer or machine station with high-quality agricultural machinery. We sell the popular trimming boxes that ensure a proper and sound workflow. Perform hoof trimming in a safe and sound way with our hoof trimming boxes that fit all sizes of cows and which are variable in length.

Hoof Trimming box

The Hoof trimming box Pro 1 is fully hydraulic and has a mechanical gripper for the front legs. The box is narrowed to 700mm in the middle, as we know from experience that the animals are calmer, the smaller the space is on the sides and towards the front doors. The Hoof trimming chute is equipped with a mechanical front panel that captures the legs of the cow and maintains a fixed position. This is done for safety reasons, so that the hoof trimmer does not need to be under the animal to lay the cuff - at the risk of being kicked, but can stand in an upright, and not least ergonomically correct position, and do the trimming process.

Adjustment options-for your and animal safety

Hoof trimming box Std 1 is another variant at POMI Industri ApS. This mobile box is also suitable for all sizes of cows. The front door shoots to the side, so when open, it paves the way for the next cow. You get adjustment options, for how far you want the leg pulled out to the side, as well as how high the leg (or legs) should be lifted up. The rear rack is flexible with double impact for better fixation of the legs so that the animal's joints are protected in the best possible way. The hoof supports require minimal maintenance. It is also possible to buy hoof trimming blades which we sell separately.

It has never been easier to do hoof trimming of cows.

Do you want a demonstration?

If you want a demonstration, please feel free to contact us by phone: 9855 2000 or if you want to learn more about hoof trimming or pricing by sending us an email at poul@pomi.dk. If you are interested in a demonstration of some of our other machines, this is also an option.

High quality used machines for sale

We specialize in straw storage, but we also sell used agricultural machinery. Learn more about the various machines and see the hoof trimming box for sale under the tab, ‘Used Machines’.

We sell everything from used construction machinery, garden/park machines, forestry machinery to agricultural machinery. At POMI Industri, we have a wide selection of machines for sale. If you wish to buy or sell, please feel free to contact us.


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