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When straw is subjected to oxygen, it easily rots and muckles. With a bale wrapper, you wrap the straw with plastic so that no oxygen gets in. The storage of straw in barns can be a costly method, whereas the storage of straw in the field can be a cheaper alternative. That’s a fact. At POMI Industri ApS, we specialize in wrapping straw bales - and of course we are happy to help you with advice and guidance for your next top-quality bale wrapper.

WRAP 5, 7 AND 12

The Wrap 5 machine is designed for the wrapping of Big bale straw, with room for 5 big bales in each pile, so that the stack will ultimately be 5.8 meters wide and 3.9 meters tall. The machine wraps a plastic tube in which the bales are placed with a loading tool. The advantage with this type of wrapping is that a large stack of bales can easily be wrapped with a lightweight machine and makes them easy to handle. The Wrap 7 machine can pack 7 bigbales in each pile, so the stack will be 5.7 meters wide and 5.2 meters tall. Wrap 12 machine can pack 12 big bales in each pile, so the stack will be 8.3 meters wide and 5.2 meters tall. All wrapping machines can also wrap other types of 4-edge bales. The machines are transported sideways, so the transport width is as small as possible. It is easy to remove the fastened plastic, and there are ventilation ducts at the top that discourage condensation from being placed in the outer layer of the bigballs. Bale grip and foil basket can be purchased individually for all three machines.


The Combi Pack can wrap up until 90 tons of straw/h and up until 120 bales of silage/h, as well as pack round bales and all types of 4-edge bales. The number of layers of plastic to be applied is freely selectable. It is easy to cut off plastic and remove the plastic again. Contact us if you wish a demonstration of this type of machine, which is not only a good economical and cheap solution, but also labor-saving with a perfect finished product, as the end result.

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At POMI Industri ApS we produce agricultural machines for many purposes, but we specialize in wrapping straw. Our mission is to make everyday life easier for the individual farmer. Please feel free to contact us if you want advice, guidance or perhaps a demonstration of one of our machines. We also gladly offer a non-binding offer on your task. Please feel free to contact us either by phone: 9855 2000 or by mail at and additional information.

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