Stack 200​

Bale Stack 200

The STACK 200 bale stacker allows you to collect and stack up to 120 bales per hour. The bale stacker has been designed by an experienced and innovative large-scale farmer for the purpose of increasing efficiency on his farm.

The ​​STACK 200 collects the bales while moving in the same direction as the baler so you avoid having to cross the baler’s tracks in the field. Leaf-sprung axles, flotation tyres and a hydraulically operated support wheel provide a smooth and steady ride across the field. The bale gripper carefully picks up the bales from the field and centres them on the loading platform. Here the bales are stacked in pairs before they are tipped onto the trailer.

The bales are kept in place on the STACK200 by the hydraulic side guard and two supporting forks which automatically adjust their position while loading the trailer. The trailer primarily consists of rollers which easily move wrapped bales even when they are drenched.

The supporting forks and the side guard on the STACK200 keep the loaded bales in place when you tip the trailer to unload the entire stack. The STACK200 features a tip stabilizer which locks the rear axle of the trailer when unloading the bales. The bales are unloaded in the same position as they were picked up from the field, i.e. with the knots turned upwards.

The hydraulic drawbar makes it easy to switch between STACK200 operation mode and transport mode.​

VThe bale gripper is easily adjusted to different bale sizes. It ensures that the bales are centred on the loading platform.​

A special push-off mechanism makes it easy to pull out the forks from underneath the stack no matter if the surface is of soil, cement or asphalt.​

Leaf-sprung axles

  • Provide a smooth ride across the field.

Adjustable bale gripper

  • Makes switching between the wide and narrow gripper function quick and easy.

Push-off mechanism

  • Pushes the stack of bales off the stacker forks enabling you to quickly move on, regardless of whether you are stacking the bales in the field, in the barn or in the yard.

Control unit for your tractor

  • Enables you to control your Stack 200 remotely from the comfort of your tractor.

Robust and adjustable side guard

  • The hydraulic side guard keeps the bales in place on the trailer.

Tip stabilizer

  • Locks the rear axle when unloading the bales.

Hydraulic drawbar

  • Makes switching between operation mode and transport mode easy and quick.

Hydraulically operated support wheel

  • Keeps the STACK200 stable whilst in operation mode.

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​​120 x 130​ cm

​​8 bales

​​120 x 90 cm

​​12 bales

​​120 x 80 cm

​​12 bales

​​120 x 70 cm

​​14 bales

​​80 x 90 cm

18 bales

​​80 x 80 cm

​​18 bales

​​80 x 70 cm

​​21 bales



​​9,1 m


​​2,5 m


​​3,9 m (4,15 m)


​​​6.000 kg


​​8.000 kg​

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