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Hoof Trimming Chute Std 1

Mobile hoof trimming chute.

​This hoof-trimming chute is suitable for any size of cow. It can be adjusted lengthwise. The headgate opens to the sides and only closes to fit the neck size of the cow in the chute.

​​A good way of making the cows pass through the crush is to have the incoming cow follow right behind the outgoing one. Here it is important that the headgate slides to the sides. When the headgate opens, it is ready to receive the next cow.

​Hydraulic system with tuned 4 W motor and 18 cm3 pump. The chute has 400 V input, 400 V output; 1 or 2 x 230 V yoke. The chute narrows to 700 mm in the centre as the beasts become more calm when room at the sides and front gates is minimized.

​The new type of front-leg restraint, which swivels mechanically catching hold of the cow's leg, is supplied with a manual or hydraulic front-leg lock. The system is pulled into position by a cylinder fitted with a rope that also keeps the front-leg restraint locked.

​The hind leg restraint is flexible featuring a double fitting for better fixation of the legs. This spares the beast's joints and leaves no marks. The length of the tailgate is hydraulically variable to ensure uniform positioning of the hind legs no matter which position they are in.

​Optional hydraulic drive wheel. Available as an optional.


  • Hoof trimming chrush for cows of any size.
  • Variable length.
  • Mechanical front-leg restraint.
  • Highly efficient.
  • Ergonomically correct tool.

We also sell hoof cutter blades.​

Technical data:

​Length total

Width total

Height total

Weight total​

3.000 mm

1.300 mm

2.050 mm

1.000 kg​

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